Table 1

Results of hMLH1 MSP in tumors and serum of colon cancer patients

Description of patient and tumor characteristics compared with results of hMLH1 MS-PCR analysis of matched tumor and serum samples.

Patient no.hMLH1 Tumor DNA/Serum DNAaMSI statusStageGrade
2M /MMSIDModerate
4M /UMSICModerate
5M /UMSICModerate
6M /UMSIB2Moderate
7M /UMSIBModerate
8M /UMSIBModerate
9M /UMSIAModerate
10U /UMSSDModerate
11U /UMSSDModerate
12U /UMSSDPoor
13U /UMSSCModerate
14U /UMSSBModerate
15U /UMSSBModerate
16U /UMSSBModerate
17U /UMSIBModerate
18U /UMSSBModerate
  • a M, methylated hMLH1 promoter; U, unmethylated hMLH1 promoter.

  • b HGD, high-grade dysplasia in adenoma.