Table 2

Effect of c-kit antisense oligonucleotides on SCF-induced migration of DLD-1 cells through Matrigela

Culture conditions% migration
Medium3 ± 2b
SCF (100 ng/ml)28 ± 9c
Medium + c-kit S ODN3 ± 1
SCF + c-kit S ODN32 ± 3
Medium + c-kit AS ODN4 ± 1
SCF + c-kit AS ODN9 ± 2d
  • a DLD-1 cells were exposed to the culture conditions indicated for 24 h. Cells were pretreated with c-kit sense (S) and antisense (AS) oligonucleotides (ODN) as described in “Materials and Methods.”

  • b Values represent mean ± SD of three separate experiments, each consisting of triplicate cultures.

  • c Significantly different from control (Medium, P = 0.04) as determined by Student’s t test.

  • d Significantly different from control (SCF + c-kit S ODN, P = 0.01) as determined by Student’s t test.