Table 1

Summary of EphA2-overexpressing MCF-10A cells

The subcellular localization and P-Tyr content of EphA2 in control (vector) and EphA2-overexpressing MCF-10A cells are summarized. Also shown is a summary of the behaviors of the two cell types as measured in the presence of absence of soluble ligand (0.5 μg/ml EA1).
Subcellular localizationP-Tyr contentSoft agar colonizationBehavior in 3dRBMa
VectorCell-cell contactsHighNegativeBenign
EphA2Membrane rufflesLowHighAggressive (stellate)
EphA2+EA1Membrane rufflesHighLowBenign
  • a 3dRBM, 3-dimensional reconstituted basement membrane.