Table 1

Summary of CEA RT-PCR results in blood samples from apparently healthy volunteers and patients with benign or malignant colorectal disease

No. of casesNo. of positive casesaNo. of borderline positive (+/−) casesaNo. of negative cases
Series I
  1 μg of RNA200020
  2 μg of RNA200020
  5 μg of RNA200020
  1 μg of RNA203 (15)017
  2 μg of RNA207 (35)013
  5 μg of RNA2015 (75)05
Series IIb
 Donorsc4002 (5.0)38 (95.0)
  Benign180018 (100.0)
  Malignant5134 (66.7)1 (2.0)16 (31.4)
  • a Numbers in parentheses represent percentages.

  • b 5 μg of RNA were used for all series II samples.

  • c Donors are apparently healthy individuals, as described in “Materials and Methods.”