Table 1

Tumor types and location in DMBA-treated mice

Wt maleNull maleaWt femaleNull female
No. of mice13151111
Total number of tumors11261422
No. of mice with any tumor (%)7 (54)12 (80)8 (73)7 (64)
No. of mice with >1 tumor (%)3 (23)9 (60)4 (36)6 (55)
No. of mice with >1 malignancy (%)2 (15)6 (40)1 (9)4 (36)
Hemangioma (B)
Hemangiosarcoma (M)
 Adipose tissue0001
 Skeletal muscle0001
Total vascular tumors (%)b5 (38)12 (80)7 (64)14 (127)
 Granulosa cell (B)04
 Granulosa cell (M)10
 Cystadenoma (B)01
Total ovarian tumors (%)b1 (9)5 (45)
 Hepatocellular adenoma (B)1211
 Hepatocellular sarcoma (M)1300
Total hepatocellular tumors (%)b2 (15)5 (33)
Hematopoietic neoplasm (M)
 Histiocytic sarcoma0200
 Alveolar adenoma (B)1200
 Alveolar carcinoma (M)2200
 Keratoacanthoma (B)0100
 Sarcoma (M)0021
 Mesothelium (M)0100
  • a Null, Gadd45a-null; B, benign; M, malignant.

  • b Values are the total number of tumors divided by number of mice for that group. Numbers above 100% indicate more than one of that tumor type per mouse.