Table 1

Transcripts more highly expressed in adenocarcinoma than in paired normal tissue

Intensity values <10 are adjusted to 10. Only transcripts with a 4-fold difference or greater (P < 0.001) in expression intensity between tumor and normal are included. Transcripts shown in bold capital letters were confirmed by RT-PCR. Gene descriptions have been edited.
Accession no.DescriptionIntensity in tumorIntensity in normalTumor/Normal
X54489 Human gene for MGSA
U22055 Human 100 kDA coactivator mRNA, complete cds a 72.910.07.3
D14657Human mRNA for KIAA0101 gene, complete cds64.810.06.5
M61832Human S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase (AHCY) mRNA, complete cds123.120.76.0
M77836Human pyrroline 5-carboxylate reductase mRNA, complete cds95.517.95.3
D21262Human mRNA for KIAA0035 gene, partial cds [? nucleolar phosphoprotein]55.610.85.2
M36821Human cytokine (GRO-γ) mRNA, complete cds141.227.65.1
L23808 Human metalloproteinase (HME) mRNA, complete cds
R08183Similar to bovin hs 10-kD protein 1(chaperonin 10)(HSPE1)(NM_002157)439.491.14.8
L29254Human (clone D21-1) l-iditol-2 dehydrogenase gene, exon 9, and complete cds47.210.04.7
H50438 M-phase inducer phosphatase 2 (Homo sapiens) 46.810.04.7
U33286Human chromosome segregation gene homolog CAS mRNA, complete cds98.821.24.7
X54942 H. sapiens CKSHS2 mRNA for CKS1 protein homologue 131.930.14.4
R32511H. sapiens cDNA clone 135395 3′ [RNA POL II subunit]43.510.04.3
T87871H. sapiens cDNA clone 115765 3′ [myoblast cell surface antigen 24.1 DS]
X05231Human mRNA for collagenase (identical to metalloproteinase 1)41.810.04.2
R36977Similar to H. sapiens general transcription factor IIIA (GTF3A) mRNA177.543.64.1
U17899Human chloride channel regulatory protein mRNA, complete cds66.316.54.0
X54942 H. sapiens CKSHS2 mRNA for CKS1 protein homologue 171.943.14.0
  • a Cds, coding sequence.