Table 2

Transcripts were more highly expressed in paired normal tissue than in adenocarcinoma

Intensity values <10 are adjusted to 10. Only transcripts with a 4-fold difference or greater (P < 0.001) in expression intensity between tumor and normal are included. Forty-one transcripts representing smooth muscle or collagen are not shown (see “Materials and Methods”). Transcripts shown in bold capital letters were confirmed by RT-PCR. Gene descriptions have been edited.
Accession no.DescriptionIntensity in tumorIntensity in normalNormal/Tumor
M83670Human carbonic anhydrase IV mRNA, complete cds10.0378.37.9
M97496H. sapiens guanylin mRNA, complete cdsa53.61082.920.2
X64559H. sapiens mRNA for tetranectin10.0137.813.8
T54547H. sapiens cDNA similar to M84526 complement factor D precursor10.0119.912.0
M95936Human protein-serine/threonine (AKT2) mRNA, complete cds10.0113.511.4
T55200H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:M10942_cds1 human metallothionein-le gene10.084.08.4
T46924H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:U11863 amiloride-sens amine oxidase15.1124.08.2
L11708Human 17 β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 mRNA, complete cds16.6134.68.1
T46933H. sapiens cDNA clone 70843 3′ [11-β dehydrogenase]
H54425H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:M10942_cds1 human metallothionein-le gene18.2135.57.4
M26393Human short chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase mRNA, complete cds10.071.87.2
M82962Human N-benzoyl-l-tyrosyl-p-amino-benzoic acid hydrolase α subunit mRNA10.071.37.1
J03037Human carbonic anhydrase II mRNA, complete cds10.065.16.5
T72257H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:L07765 liver carboxylesterase10.063.16.3
M84526Human adipsin/complement factor D mRNA, complete cds43.9260.45.9
T76971H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:X64177 H. sapiens mRNA for metallothionein38.3217.75.7
H77597H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:X64177 H. sapiens mRNA for metallothionein57.0320.55.6
T67986H. sapiens cDNA clone 82030 3′ similar to gb:X14723 clusterin precursor35.0195.75.6
R99208H. sapiens cDNA clone 200586 3′ similar to gb:X76717 H. sapiens MT-1l mRNA10.055.75.6
U03749Human chromogranin A (CHGA) gene, exon 8, and complete cds10.055.05.5
R93176Soares 1NFLS H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:M33987 carb. anhydrase Ia10.053.15.3
L02785H. sapiens colon mucosa-associated (DRA), complete cdsa161.0848.15.3
R94967H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:L11924 hepatocyte growth factor10.052.45.2
J03037Human carbonic anhydrase II mRNA, complete cds10.051.85.2
M74509Human endogenous retrovirus type C oncovirus sequence15.177.95.2
L11708Human 17 β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 mRNA, complete cds18.796.25.2
X77777H. sapiens intestinal VIP receptor related protein mRNA13.770.55.1
R69552H. sapiens cDNA clone 155302 3′ [glutamate]
R50730H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:Z19585 thrombospondin 4 precursor10.050.35.0
H43887H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:M84526 complement factor D prec.84.8400.44.7
U17077Human BENE mRNA, partial cds32.5147.64.5
U25138Human MaxiK potassium channel β subunit mRNA, complete cds14.967.44.5
X86693H. sapiens mRNA for hevin like protein47.0212.64.5
H57136H. sapiens cDNA similar to SP:A40533 A40533 cAMP-DEP protein kinase10.044.54.5
X73502H. sapiens mRNA for cytokeratin 20a55.2245.64.5
J03037Human carbonic anhydrase II mRNA, complete cds10.044.04.4
R70806H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:X62535 diacylglycerol kinase10.043.94.4
T51913H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:S45630 α crystallin B chain10.043.54.3
T50678H. sapiens cDNA contains TAR1 repetitive element [α tryptase]12.553.74.3
Z50753H. sapiens mRNA for GCAP-II/uroguanylin precursora42.9183.74.3
M58286H. sapiens tumor necrosis factor receptor mRNA, complete cds30.5130.54.3
U08854Human UDP glucuronosyltransferase precursor (UGT2B15) mRNA, complete cds30.8131.24.3
X52679Human ASM-2 mRNA for sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase (EC
T71025H. sapiens cDNA similar to gb:J03910_rna1 human217.8893.34.1
M12272H. sapiens alcohol dehydrogenase class I γ subunit (ADH3) mRNA42.9174.84.1
M26683Human IFN-γ treatment inducible mRNA37.8152.04.0
D90313 Human mRNA for biliary glycoprotein, BGPI a 12.751.04.0
  • a Also identified in the SAGE database, see text.