Table 1

Effect of Ad-E1A on sensitivity of TC71 cells to VP-16, Adriamycin, and cisplatina

DrugsIC50 for drug onlyIC50 for drug with Ad-E1ADegree of sensitivity enhancement
VP-161500nm80nm 18-fold
Adriamycin90nm18nm  5-fold
  • a TC71 cells were incubated with Ad-E1A, Ad-β-gal, or PBS for 48 h and then treated with different doses of VP-16, doxorubicin, or cisplatin. The results were calculated as percentages of cytostasis compared with control cells using the MTT assay. The values are the averages of results from three different experiments. The IC50 is calculated as the dose that inhibited 50% of cell growth. The degree of enhancement was calculated as the IC50 for drug only divided by the IC50 for drug in cells treated with Ad-E1A.