Table 2

Immunohistochemical detection of BCRP in frozen sections of normal human tissue using the BXP-21 and BXP-34 Mabs and BCRP/PBGD mRNA expression ratios in these tissues

Human tissuesBXP-21BXP-34BCRP/PBGD
Digestive system
 Small intestineEpithelium3.85
  Muscular layers1.60
  Ganglion cells
Bile canaliculi2.25
Bile ductules
Islet of Langerhansn.d.
Excretory system
 Urinary bladderEpitheliumn.d.1.00
Male reproductive system
 Prostate glandEpitheliumn.d.0.70
Fibromuscular stroman.d.
  Interstitial tissueLeydig cellsn.d.2.20
  Seminiferous tubulesSertoli cellsn.d.
Spermatogenic cellsn.d.
Female reproductive system
 Mammary gland (breast)Lobules•/○•/○0.85
Lactiferous ducts•/○•/○
Cervical glands
 OvaryFollicular cells
Germinal cells5.40
Luteinized stromal cells
Lymphatic cells
 SpleenWhite pulpn.d.n.d.
Red pulpn.d.
Nervous system
  Choroid plexusEpithelium
 Periferal nerve
Endocrine system
Cardiovascular system
 Blood vessels
Tunica media
Tunica media
Blood cells
Progenitor cellsn.d.•/○n.d.
  • a n.d., not determined; ○, no staining; ••, strongly positive staining; •, positive staining; •/○, heterogeneous staining, i.e. some cells positive, most cells negative. Notably, staining in the endothelium of veins and capillaries in respective tissues is not included in the tissue-staining results. Poly A+ RNA was collected from the whole tissue section, as indicated with a bar, when appropriate.