Table 2

Summary of methylation analyses in the various groups studied

Three main groups were studied: controls, UC without dysplasia (UC-ND), and UC with dysplasia/cancer (UC-HGD/CA). Whenever possible, patients with HGD or cancer had at least two types of biopsies tested: one high-grade/cancer site (HGD/CA) and one negative site distant to the site of dysplasia (NEG); if a negative site was not available, then an indefinite site (IND) was used.
Control53.454.032–697.46.01.7–––5.130.627.012.9 –48.3
UC-ND42.043.033 –513.04.00.4– ––7.212.310.05.2 –19.4
 NEG53.254.034–7120.1b15.06.7–33.518.421.0b8.6–28.27.9b9.04.7– –56
 IND40.037.030–5620.020.01.6 –38.427.729.00–84.913.012.54.3 –21.728.829.018.7 –38.8
  • a Confidence intervals.

  • b Statistically significant differences compared with control.