Table 1

Characteristics of endometrial cancer cell lines (PTEN status and transduction efficiency)

Cell linePTEN statusaTransduction efficiency (%)bSourcec
CodonMutationPredicted effectMOI 20MOI 100
HHUA1641bp(A) delFrameshift48.289.71
2891bp(A) delFrameshift
HOUA-12671bp(A) insFrameshift44.494.81
2891bp(A) insFrameshift
Ishikawa 3-H-122891bp(A) delFrameshift66.5100.02
317–3184bp(ACTT) delFrameshift
Sawano162bp(AT) delFrameshift2794.82
130CGA to GGAArg(R) to Gly(G)
HEC-6intron 4(+2)T to CSplice donor4479.53
2891bp(A) delFrameshift
HEC-5941TAC to CACTyr(Y) to His(H)68.3100.03
233CGA to TGAStop
246CCG to CTGPro(P) to Leu(L)
2671bp(A) delFrameshift
HEC-88130CGA to GGAArg(R) to Gly(G)95.5100.03
173CGC to TGCArg(R) to Cys(C)
310GAT to TATAsp(D) to Tyr(Y)
341TTT to TGTPhe(F) to Cys(C)
HEC-10862bp(AA) delFrameshift66.7100.03
2891bp(A) delFrameshift
HEC-116Intron 2(−1)G to ASplice acceptor57.6100.03
173CGC to TGCArg(R) to Cys(C)
233CGA to TGAStop
HEC-151333bp(ATT) delIn-frame deletion78100.03
762bp(AT) delFrameshift
AN3CA1301bp(G) delFrameshift0.95.34
  • a PTEN mutations were detected by DNA sequencing.

  • b Percentage of β-gal-positive cells 24 h after infection with AdCALacZ. Data represent means of triplicate measurements.

  • c Original sources of cell lines: 1, Japanese Collection of Research Bioresources; 2, University of Tsukuba; 3, Kitasato University School of Medicine; 4, American Type Culture Collection.