Table 2

Summary of MSI and immunohistochemical analysis on control and refractory GCT

Unselected (n = 100)Refractory (n = 11)Pa
MSI6 (6%)5 (45%)0.001b
 MSI in 1 of 8 loci6 (6%)1 (9%)0.558b
 MSI in ≥2 of 8 loci04 (36%)<0.001b
IHCc negative/weak any marker3 (3%)4 (36%)
 hMMLH104 (36%)
 hMMSH22 (2%)1 (9%)
 hMMSH62 (2%)1 (9%)
MSI correctly predicted by IHC23
MSI not predicted by IHC42
MSI falsely predicted by IHC11
  • a Ps are given for differences between all tumors of the two study groups as determined by a two-sided Fisher’s exact test.

  • b Analyzing only the nonseminomas of both groups, the Ps are 0.002, 0.508, and <0.001, respectively.

  • c IHC, immunohistochemistry.