Table 1

Disease and cytogenetic characteristics of myeloid cell lines and primary cells tested for NHEJ

Myeloid leukemic cellChromosome abnormalitiesMean end-ligation efficiency %
Cell lines
 HL60−5,−8, −17,+ unidentified chr.56
 K562Ph+ t(9;22), t(15;18),−3p,−9p33
 P396q+, 9q+, t(14;16)46
 MDS92-L−5q [del.5q13q35],−7,−12, −1348
Primary cells
 CML patient 1Ph+ t(9;22)46
 CML patient 2Ph+ t(9;22)49
 CML patient 3Ph+ t(9;22)52
 CML patient 4Ph+ t(9;22)56
 CML patient 5Ph+ t(9;22)51
 CML patient 6Ph+ t(9;22)43
 CML patient 7Ph+ t(9;22)37
 CML patient 8Ph+ t(9;22)47
 CML patient 9Ph+ t(9;22)29
AML patient 1 (FAB M4)No abnormalities36
 AML patient 2 (M4)inv(16)43
 AML patient 3 (M2)t(1;12)50
 AML patient 4 (M4)Del. 5q13-31,−7,−17,−2059
 AML patient 5 (M5)t(1;12)43
 AML patient 6 (M1)No abnormalities64