Table 2

Number of bacterial colonies counted in misrepair assays

Cell typeNo. of experimentsNo. of plates usedNo. of colonies per plateaMean no. of background colonies per plate
HL60, K562510110–1416
AML (6)510125–1539
CML (9)510119–1468
PBLC (4)51664–856
CD34+ (4)51659–816
HL60+ Ku86 (all diln.)5/diln.10–20/diln65–1489
HL60+ Ku70 (all diln.)510–20/diln60–13910
HL60+ DNA-PKcs510–20/diln59–1629
AML+ Ku86 (all diln.)5/diln.10–20/diln48–1398
AML+ Ku70 (all diln.)510–20/diln59–1297
AML+ DNA-pKcs510–20/diln61–1406
CD34+ Ku86 (all diln.)5/diln.10–20/diln58–604
CD34+ Ku70 (all diln.)510–20/diln59–582
CD34+ DNA–PKcs510–20/diln51–606
  • a Number of colonies after subtraction of background colonies.