Table 3

Expression ratios of the up-regulated genes based on microarray analysis

Gene nameExpression ratio of cell line vs. normal pancreasa
Accession no.AsPC-1BxPC-3Capan-1CFPAC-1HPAF IIMia PaCa-2MutjPanc-1Su8686
uPAR AA4552228.
NCA AA05407338.34011.43
PCNA AA45026537.
S100 calcium-binding protein A11 (calgizzarin)AA4647314.
Protein tyrosine phosphatase type IVA, member 1R6167466.46.54.4
NGAL AA40113727.664.2360.70.333.5
v-myc avian myelocytomatosis viral oncogene homologueW8774157.
Rad51 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) homologueW0089511.36.65.554.52.913.710
Annexin I (lipocortin I)H630775.110.711.73.818.323.39.52.312
HMG protein isoforms I and YAA44826112.
Fos-like antigen-1T899967.26.63.616.85.810.810.1
Transcription elongation factor A (SII), 1H273795.
Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptides B and B1AA5991163.95.44.826.
Membrane-bound transcription factor protease, site 2R534215.
Human translational initiation factor 2, βR540974.
Type I transmembrane protein Fn14R3335512.18.69.510.41.38.1
Primase, polypeptide 1 (49 kD)AA0259378.
Thioredoxin reductase 1AA4533358.
Cytochrome cAA8652656.67.4101.311.43.912.917.413.3
Cytochrome c-1R526547.
Prion protein (p27-30)AA4559692.
Fer-1 (Caenorhabditis elegans)-like 3 (myoferlin)H2617617.
Rho GDIAA4876340.
CDC28 protein kinase 2AA39781318.34119.7624.725.324.123.811.3
STK15 R191584.
Human Gu protein mRNAAA4653866.475.
Trinucleotide repeat containing 3N5972123.72.81.517.327.8
Expressed sequence tagsR230559.811.33.414.83.313.918.3
Expressed sequence tagsR969413.
Expressed sequence tagsR352455.
  • a Blank cells indicate that data points represented did not pass the microarray spot quality control during data analysis.