Table 1

Patient details and results summary for HIF-1α/2α protein expression, MVD, and expression of VEGF (protein and RNA)a

Protein and RNA were extracted from snap-frozen samples of 45 human renal tumors of various histological types and from paired normal renal tissue. The expression of HIF-α proteins was determined by Western blotting, VEGF protein by ELISA, and VEGF RNA by RNase protection. MVD was assessed in histological tumor sections by staining vessels with antibody to CD34 and Chalkley vessel counting.

Tumor type (no. of cases)Patient characteristicsHIF protein expression by Western blotting (All cases examined)MVD Chalkley count Mean (SD)VEGF ELISA (pg/ml/mg protein) Mean (SD)VEGF mRNA Mean fold induction (SD)
No. of cases expressing HIF-1αNo. of cases expressing HIF-2α
Clear cell (34)Female, 17262711.5 (3.3)1139.8 (1395.4)18.4 (25.4)
Male, 17
Mean age, 63
Stage 1–4
Papillary (5)Female, 0104.4 (1.1)33.2 (74.2)0.8 (0.2)
Male, 5
Mean age, 60
Stage 1–3A
Chromophobe (4)Female, 2208.3 (3)130.3 (100.4)2.6 (2.0)
Male, 2
Mean age, 72
Stage 1–2
Collecting duct (1)Female005 (n/a)756 (n/a)0.7 (n/a)
Age, 48
Stage 3A
Oncocytoma (1)Female0010 (n/a)0 (n/a)Not done
Age, 75
Stage 1
  • a MVD and VEGF ELISA were performed on 31 of 34 clear cell tumors and on all other cases. RNase protection was performed on 17 of 34 clear cell tumors, 4 of 5 papillary, 3 of 4 chromophobe, and on the single collecting duct tumor. The units for RNase protection are arbitrary. Fold induction describes the tumor:normal ratio.