Table 1

Differentially displayed genes in normal and cancerous prostate

ESTaCMbNMcTissuedrePfG.I.gGene name OR GenBank ID
353304320.000114754442 CRISP-3
34290428<0.0001Novel gene, 602084446F1
2014040130.0062147518776.2kd protein (LOC54543)
1413015120.008914777577 KIAA1666 Protein
1312022110.0128Novel gene, wr28d09.x1
2112036110.012813647341 Fatty acid binding protein 5
1312022110.012816164663Unknown protein for MGC:17778
10100190.0265Novel gene, nc47g07.y5
291811380.0094339168 TARP
30804380.054814751638Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A2/B1
990280.0381Novel gene, nc78f10.x5
10901880.0381Novel gene, ni70g02.s1
15804170.054814783078Mitochondrial carrier homolog 1 (MTCH1)
28804270.054815304715Similar to SMT3
266028514751510Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member A3
176035514772926Serologically defined breast cancer antigen 84
126085Novel gene, tu04c11.x1
126085Novel gene, tu04c11.x1
265022414736692Lactotransferrin (LTF)
409142414763416Eukaryotic translation; Elongation factor 2 (EEF2)
355046414784008Cofilin 1-like gene
355046414757674Phosphoglycerate kinase 1 (PGK1)
562324830.008016165625Ribosomal protein L19
144038315297434Enoyl Coenzyme A hydratase, short chain
194039314723534Similar to putative (LOC96645)
2101034−23<0.000112006222 NPD017
241837−170.000516189327Creatine kinase-like gene
190833−17<0.000114769101Hypothetical protein FLJ21174
8081−17<0.0001Novel gene, nc19e02.r1
9162−130.0041Novel gene, nc22g03.x5
10162−130.0041Novel gene
210633−130.0008180927Ubiquinol-cytochrome c; Reductase core protein 2
150434−80.008614783766Hypothetical protein FLJ20625
131430−80.032514760079(General control of amino-acid synthesis, yeast, homologue)-like 1 (GCN5L1) (RT14)
90429−80.008616191221Fibulin 5 (FBLN5)
761426−80.03254506884Semenogelin II
280434−80.00867209571 DAN
110429−80.00865305672 DANCE
90438−70.008615307116Rho guanine exchange factor (GEF) 12
452736−70.004714752636Tropomyosin 1 (α)
161341−613643256Low molecular mass ubiquinone-binding protein
230332−60.028216158175Suppression of tumorigenicity 1
4182137−4<0.000116157849Hypothetical gene
633636−30.027213630185Myosin regulatory light chain
12237−314755278Similar to enamel matrix serine proteinase 1
223531−315321279Keratin-8 (LOC112787)
580283119904502172 PSA
299118551006382063 PAP
2007638705031828Human kallikrein 2 (Hk2)
4013450014738781Similar to H3 histone, family 3A
239006014771081Semenogelin I
175281149010439402 GAPDH
  • a Total EST numbers for the gene.

  • b Number of ESTs in Cancer Microdissected libraries.

  • c Number of ESTs in Normal Microdissected libraries.

  • d Number of tissues where the gene can be found.

  • e Calculation of r values is explained in “Results”: positive r values indicate up-regulation in cancer, whereas negative r values indicate down-regulated in cancer.

  • f Values from 1-tail test.

  • g GenBank gene identification number.