Table 1

Validation of differentially expressed gene clusters by Monte-Carlo simulation

Squamous cell carcinomaAdenocarcinoma
Overexpressed in tumorUnderexpressed in tumorOverexpressed in tumorUnderexpressed in tumor
Observed number of clusters in genomea16304123
Expected average number (±S.D.)6.5 ± 2.415 ± 3.338.7 ± 4.011.5 ± 2.8
P b 0.0000640.0000060.56520.00004
Average tumor/normal ratio (range)3.15 (2.76–3.52)0.65 (0.43–0.78)4.16 (1.54–4.39)0.50 (0.27–0.62)
  • a The values shown are higher than the actual number of gene clusters because all of the chromosomes were regarded as a continuum and a few clusters had boundaries between chromosomes.

  • b The probability to obtain the observed or greater differences between the expected average numbers versus the actual numbers of clusters identified by chance alone.