Table 2

Association between the TSER polymorphism and adenomatous polyps—stratified by dietary intakes of folate and vitamin B12a

Nutrient intakes from both diet and supplements(n cases/n controls)TSER genotypeP for interactionb
 Low/medium347/3811.0 (ref)0.70 (0.48–1.02)0.58 (0.36–0.94)
 High158/2070.53 (0.31–0.91)0.63 (0.40–0.99)0.88 (0.51–1.53)P = 0.03
Vitamin B12
 Low/medium354/3821.0 (ref)0.75 (0.52–1.10)0.62 (0.39–1.00)
 High151/2060.52 (0.31–0.90)0.51 (0.33–0.81)0.82 (0.45–1.49)P = 0.08
  • a Multivariate adjustment for age, sex, body mass index, hormone replacement therapy (y/n), percentage of kcal from fat, and pack-years of smoking.

  • b Testing for different slopes associated with nutrient intake across genotypes. Cutpoints for dietary intakes: folate (440 μg) and vitamin B12 (9.78 μg).