Table 3

Association between TS genotypes and adenomatous polyps—stratified by MTHFR C677T genotypes and folate intakea

(n cases/n controls)TSER polymorphism
3rpt/3rpt3rpt/2rpt or 2rpt/2rpt
MTHFR C677T polymorphism
  Low/medium folate168/1821.81 (1.07–3.06)1.0 (ref)
  High folate76/950.91 (0.49–1.71)1.17 (0.71–1.93)
  Low/medium folate145/1601.15 (0.65–2.02)1.03 (0.69–1.53)
  High folate62/810.74 (0.32–1.68)1.14 (0.70–1.87)
  Low/medium folate31/382.22 (0.85–5.84)0.88 (0.43–1.80)
  High folate19/300.60 (0.14–2.50)0.71 (0.33–1.50)
  • a Multivariate adjustment for age, sex, body mass index, hormone replacement therapy (y/n), percentage of kcal from fat, and pack-years of smoking. Cutpoints for dietary intakes: folate (440 μg), vitamin B12 (9.78 μg), and vitamin B6 (3.17 mg).