Table 1

Binding of AC10 and SGN-30 to cell lines

Cell LineLineageaMFIbBinding ratiosc
HDLM2HD (T-cell-like)507.2591.8156176
L540HD (T-cell-like)435.8582.5183251
L540cyHD (T-cell-like)363.3495.9120156
KM-H2HD (B-cell-like)102.0105.83341
L428HD (B-cell-like)174.4186.06767
HL60Acute myelogenous leukemia1.03.812
DaudiBurkitt’s lymphoma B-cell−0.60.911
  • a Gruss et al., 1994 (11) .

  • b MFI, mean fluorescence intensity.

  • c Binding ratios were determined by dividing the geometric MFI of cells stained with primary (AC10 or SGN-30 at 4 μg/ml) and appropriate secondary (goat antimouse or goat antihuman IgG, respectively) -FITC conjugate, by the geometric MFI of cells stained with respective secondary antibody alone.