Table 1

Characteristics of samples selected from the NFPTR

SampleaSample typebNo. with pancreatic cancer in kindredSexRelationship of other family members with pancreatic cancer to the patient testedAge at diagnosis
1-1CL5FSister, father, aunt, grandfather66
2-1CL3FMother, father51
3-1Leuk4MBrother, 2 cousins74
4-1CL3MFather, brother77
5-1CL7FDaughter, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle62
6-1CL6F2 brothers, sister, mother, father75
6-2CL6M2 sisters, brother, mother, father67
7-1Leuk5M2 sisters, mother, nephew68
7-2CL5M2 aunts, uncle, grandmother39
8-1Leuk4MMother, grandmother, cousin82
9-1CL3FFather, uncle69
10-1CL4F2 brothers, sister69
11-1CL3FFather, brother58
12-1Leuk3FFather, uncle75
13-1Leuk4MMother, aunt, grandfather73
14-1Leuk4MFather, uncle, cousin68
15-1Leuk3FFather, grandmother51
16-1CL4FFather, sister, brother74
17-1Leuk3MBrother, nephew70
18-1Leuk3MFather, grandfather79
19-1CL3MFather, uncle49
20-1Leuk3MMother, aunt72
21-1Leuk3FFather, grandfather54
22-1CL3FBrother, uncle72
23-1CL5FSon, uncle, cousin, grandfather69
24-1CL3F2 uncles55
25-1CL3FFather, brother71
26-1Leuk3FSister, mother69
27-1Leuk4FSister, mother, aunt73
28-1CL6F2 brothers, father, aunt, niece77
29-1CL3MMother, father57
  • a Initial number is the family code; second number specifies the individual.

  • b CL, EBV-immortalized lymphoblastoid cells lines; Leuk, peripheral blood leukocytes.