Table 1

Quantitation of amplified centrosomes in mammary cells of rats

Confocal sections were prepared from different mammary tissues as shown in Figs. 2 <$REFLINK> and 3 <$REFLINK> , and centrosomes/cell were scored. The table summarizes the counts of amplified centrosome numbers (>2 centrosomes/cell) in these different tissues.

GroupFig.Age of animals (days)No. of animalsAbnormal centrosomes (%)
AMV2 A, B <$REFLINK>10415
AMV/MNU-40da3 A, B <$REFLINK>137227
Tumor (A–D)2 C, D <$REFLINK>300410
Tumor (E–H)2 C, D <$REFLINK>300440.5
Preg/MNU3 C, D <$REFLINK>13736
E+ P/MNU3 C, E <$REFLINK>137211
  • a 40d, 40 days; Preg, pregnant; E + P, estrogen and progesterone.