Table 1

CCI-779 induces G1 arrest in PTEN-deficient myeloma cellsa

Cell lineConditionsb% G1c% Sc% Apoptosisc
OPM 240425
CCI-779, 0.0560d27d4
CCI-779, 0.168d22.1d3.1
CCI-779, 1078d17d4.5
CCI-779, 0.0574d20d3.9
UCLA #245393
CCI-779, 0.0569d17d4
CCI-779, 0.0552325
CCI-779, 0.154d31d5
  • a Cell lines were cultured with or without drugs for 20 h, and cell cycle distribution was determined by fluorescence-activated cell-sorting analysis of hypotonic propidium iodide-stained cells, and apoptosis was determined by 7-AAD-stained cells.

  • b CCI-779 concentration shown in nm. Anti-fas antibody was used at 0.5 μg/ml.

  • c Results are percentage of G1 or S phase or apoptosis, means of four experiments. The SDs were all <5% of the respective means.

  • d Significantly different (P < 0.05) from control (culture without drugs).