Table 3

The antimetastatic effect of combined SU6668 and B7.2-IgG/TC therapy

BALB/c mice were inoculated s.c. with 1 × 105 4T1 breast tumor cells. On day 7 some of mice were immunized with B7.2-IgG/TC. Immunizations were repeated on days 14 and 21. Treatment with SU6668 (75 mg/kg) started on day 10 and was repeated daily. When tumors in control mice reached 2 cm in diameter (see Fig. 7B <$REFLINK> ) mice were sacrificed, and lung metastases were counted and diameter of each metastatic nodule was measured under the dissecting microscope. The diameter of metastasis in each group is presented as mean ± SE. Each group contained 8–9 mice.

TreatmentMedian no. of metastases (range)% metastasis-free miceMean diameter of metastasis (mm)% large (>3 mm) metastases
Control43 (4–107)01.71 ± 0.0711.4%
SU666835 (5–87)01.66 ± 0.054.7%
B7.2-IgG/TC3 (0–44)a250.89 ± 0.08b2.6%
Combined0 (0–7)a501.12 ± 0.13b0%
  • a Significantly (P < 0.05) differs from all other groups according to Mann-Whitney’s test.

  • b Significantly (P < 0.01) differs from the control and SU6668-treated group according to Student’s test.