Table 1

List of genes that are differentially expressed and correlated with cell behavior in MTLn3 and MTC tumors

Gene functions are based on NCBI PubMed, SwissProt data base ( and Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man ( NC, no change detected by array. Numbers in parentheses indicate the changes detected by QRT-PCR.

Gene names organized by gene functionGenBank accession no.ProteinMean MTLn3:MTC (culture)Mean MTLn3:MTC (tumor)
ECM composition
Col3a1W89883Collagen, type III, α 10.010.15
Col5a2AA034564Collagen, type V, α 20.050.19
Col6a3W16221Collagen, type VI, α 30.220.11
Lamc2W49392Laminin, γ 24.231.74
W09048Laminin, γ 23.181.96
Lama5AA049251Laminin, α 50.520.53
Ecm1AA474897ECM protein 10.090.37
CompAA064293Cartilage oligomeric matrix protein0.310.60
Adhesion molecules
Cdh3W12889Cadherin 3, P-cadherin9.193.00
Cdh1AA276110Cadherin 1, E-cadherin9.823.31
Tjp2W91219Tight junction protein 22.962.16
Cd151AA050218CD151 antigen0.160.29
Adam19AA138786A disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain 190.130.41
Cytoskeleton involved in motility
ESTW47753AR16_Human ARP2/3 complex Mr 16,000 subunit6.315.45
Cappa1AA414612Capping protein 1NC2.65
Pfn2AA139628Profilin 20.220.35
Rock2AA098168Rho-associated coiled-coil forming kinase 2NC2.13
Mechanical stability and survival
Krt1-19AA028346Cytokeratin 1912.307.97
Krt1-13AA080232Cytokeratin 13NC2.79
Krt2-1W63927Keratin complex 2, basic, gene 10.240.43
Rab25AA538228Member Ras oncogene family7.996.38
Rab19AA118762Member Ras oncogene family2.261.66
MetAA212170Met proto-oncogene2.551.96
ESTAA471761Cellular apoptosis susceptibility protein0.620.64
PdcdAA465936Programmed cell death 40.30NC
Cell polarity
Zbp1(crdbp)AA073514Zip code-binding protein 10.08NC (0.027)
Chemotaxis toward vessels
EgfrAA237224EGFR20.12NC (2.0)
ESTAA059642EGFR-pathway-substrate 8, EPS8NC2.77
CavAA138693Caveolin, caveolae protein, Mr 22,0000.040.17
Pak1AA061378PAK1 serine/threonine kinases0.280.53
Mapk7AA395937Mitogen-activated protein kinase 70.570.39
Fgfr1AA272097FGF receptor 10.320.35
Igfbp5AA241784IGF-binding protein 50.150.14
Lef1AA119479Lymphoid enhancer-binding factor 10.110.26
Gpcr26W97046G-protein-coupled receptor 260.140.20
Gtr2W70912Small GTPase0.460.45
Tbk1AA475369TANK-binding kinase TBK10.450.52
ESTAA049480Bone morphogenetic protein 3 precursor0.060.44
Spp1AA108928Secreted phosphoprotein 1, also as osteopontin (OPN)0.030.07
9-sepW33661Septin 90.180.42
Proteolysis of collagen
Bmp1W82677Bone morphogenetic protein 13.491.72
Spi4AA218279Serine protease-inhibitor 40.030.11
Timp2AA444490Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 20.160.19
Cst3W78651Cystatin 30.080.22
Mmp2W80177Matrix metalloproteinase 20.030.15