Table 3

RRs (95% CI) of leukoplakia developing into a SOM

RR (95% CI)P
LOH pattern
 3p Het vs. LOH4.23 (2.1–8.5)<0.001
 9p Het vs. LOH3.77 (1.7–8.4)<0.001
 4q Het vs. LOH2.61 (1.2–5.5)0.008
 8p Het vs. LOH2.49 (1.2–5.1)0.01
 11q Het vs. LOH2.85 (1.2–7.0)0.016
 13q Het vs. LOH1.06 (0.37–3.0)0.92
 17p Het vs. LOH1.18 (0.60–2.3)0.62
 3p and/or 9p Het vs. LOH
  3p and/or 9p LOH (no other arms)23.5 (3.0–183)<0.001
  3p and/or 9p LOH (plus LOH at any other arm)25.4 (3.4–188)<0.001
  All cases with 3p and/or 9p LOH26.3 (3.2–193)<0.001
Histological diagnosis
 Hyperplasia or mild dysplasia vs. moderate or1.7 (0.87–3.4)0.11
  severe dysplasia