Table 1

Spectrum of BRAF mutation in 11 colorectal cancers, their associated clinicopathological features, and KRAS mutation status

BRAF mutationsSexAge (yr)Tumor sideMSIDukes’ stageMucinousDifferentiationKRAS
T1796A V(599)E b M75RMSI-HBYesModerateNil
T1796A V(599)E b M62LMSSCNoModerateNil
T1796A V(599)E F67RMSI-HBNoPoorNil
T1796A V(599)E F38LMSSBYesModerateNil
C1793T T(598)I M64LMSI-HBNoModerate G13D
G1783C G595R F62LMSSBNoWellNil
A1778T D593V M43LMSI-LBNoModerate G12D
A1778G D593G M43LMSSBNoModerate G13C
A1739G N580S M87LMSSBNoWell Q22K
G1403A G468E b F76LMSSBNoModerateNil
T1400G F467C F40LMSSANoModerate G12D
  • a aa, amino acid.

  • b These mutations have been reported in our previous study (4) .