Table 2

Summary of the endothelial staining patterns in frozen sections

AntigenmAbNormal tissuesTumor tissues
Blood vesselLymphaticsBlood vesselLymphatics
CD31PECAM-1 a +b a +
  • a Because PAL-E and anti-CD31 antibodies were used in a double staining protocol, it is not possible to identify CD31 staining of the capillary and venous blood vessels. Capillary and venous CD31 staining is overruled by the PAL-E staining (Figs. 1 <$REFLINK> 2 <$REFLINK> 3 <$REFLINK> ; Ref. 18 ).

  • c The occurrence of blood vessel staining in the various tumors by the anti-VEGFR-3 mAb is shown in more detail in Table 3 <$REFLINK> .