Table 3

Incidence of VEGFR-3 expression on tumor blood vessels

Tumor typePositive casesa
Breast (invasive intraductal and lobular carcinoma)9/9
Colon (adenocarcinoma)2/3
Larynx (squamous cell carcinoma)4/5
Kidney (adenocarcinoma)3/3
Liver (hepatocellular carcinoma)3/3
Skin (common acquired melanocytic nevus)0/10
Skin (atypical (dysplastic) nevus)1/10
Skin (melanoma in situ)0/7
Skin (superficial spreading melanoma lesions)32/60
Skin (nodular melanoma lesions)11/11
Skin (acrolentiginous melanoma lesions)3/3
Skin (melanoma metastasis lesions)9/9
  • a Positivity was defined as staining (as shown in Figs. 1 <$REFLINK> and 3 <$REFLINK> ) by the mAb 9D9 (anti-VEGFR-3) of PAL-E+ or CD34+ vessels.