Table 1

Relative transcript level of genes in BCR/ABL expressing BaF3 cells compared to the parental BaF3 cells, according to cell cycle status

StatusGenes >3-fold increasedGenes >3-fold decreased
GenesFold changeGenesFold change
Cycling Annexin V 5.39Sim.a to EF20.082
Heat shock protein 3.61VALRS0.154
Scl 3.43Sim. to EIF5A0.158
Spi2 3.08Major basic protein (mbp-1)0.166
Sim. to EF20.249
Sim. to XP-E0.279
G1 Spi2 8.73Gelsolin0.219
T-cell receptor γ chain 5.1Major basic protein (mbp-1)0.232
α-tubulin 3.8IL-3 receptor0.243
Pim I 3.76Transglutaminase0.275
PEM 3.3
G2/M ID1A 7.5Sim. to IFN inducible protein0.2
Spi2 7
Sim. to putative S/T kinase 4
Sim. to peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerse 3.7
Cyclin D2 3.5
α-tubulin 3.5
Prostaglandin endoperoxidase 3.3
Rsp-1 3.3
Coproporphyrinogen oxidase 3.1
Cytochrome c (MC1) 3
Sim. to XBP-1 3
  • a Sim., similar.