Table 1

Inhibition of PI3k in DOV13Mp110∗ cells increases paclitaxel-induced apoptosis

Parental DOV13 or DOV13 Mp110∗ cells were treated with 1 mm paclitaxel in the absence or presence of 20 mm LY294002 as described in “Materials and Methods.” Cells were harvested, and the TUNEL/positive cells (apoptotic cells) were measured using an Apo-BrDU kit to label DNA breaks. The data were analyzed by flow cytometry and are presented as % of TUNEL/positive cells in the total cell population. Fold increase was calculated as number of apoptotic cells after LY294002/number of apoptotic cells after 0.2% DMSO treatment cells and number of apoptotic after paclitaxel treatment/number of apoptotic cells in control medium.

TreatmentDOV13 parental cell lineDOV13Mp110∗ cell line
TUNEL/positive cells (%)(Fold increase)TUNEL/positive cells (%)(Fold increase)
0.2% DMSO2.91.5
LY294002 (20 mm)4.9(1.7)3.7(2.5)
Paclitaxel (1 mm)4.7(3.1)0.8(2.9)
Paclitaxel + LY2940027.3(2.5)3.2(2.1)