Table 2

Genes altered ≥4 fold after 5-Aza-CdR treatment of the T24 tumor cell line

AccessionSymbolFunctionFold changea 3 days after treatmentFold changea 8 days after treatment5′ CpG island (CGI)
AverageExp 1Exp 2AverageExp 1Exp 2
Up-regulated genesb
 Genes inducible by interferonc
  X89986 BIK Apoptosis6.2∼5.4∼7.05.5∼4.4∼6.5N
  U37518 TNFSF10 Apoptosis12.1∼13.710.59.4∼10.28.6N
  J04080 C1S Complement component3.4∼2.7∼4.014.6∼9.2∼20.0N
  K02765 C3 Complement component10.7∼9.0∼12.337.7∼36.5∼38.8N
  Z19574 KRT17 Cytokeratin29.5∼36.222.733.4∼38.528.2N
  M13207 CSF2 Cytokine family4.
  M57731 GRO2 Cytokine family6.
  U64197 SCYA20 Cytokine family22.0∼15.9∼28.121.7∼12.8∼30.5N
  M21121 SCYA5 Cytokine family4.53.55.421.7∼22.221.1N
  L37036 SCYB5 Cytokine family3.
  U83303 SCYB6 Cytokine family8.411.15.610.013.96N
  J03474 SAA1 Cytokine stimulated 12.2 ∼8.0 ∼16.3 59.5 ∼46.8 ∼72.2 N
  U04636 PTGS2(COX2) Inflammation22.924.
  U22970 G1P3 IFN induced9.9∼10.4∼9.377.6∼71.7∼83.4N
  M24594 IFIT1 IFN induced4.64.64.516.115.516.7N
  M14660 IFIT2 IFN induced4.72.2∼∼16.4N
  U52513 IFIT4 IFN induced2.732.
  D28915 MTAP44 IFN induced2.732.
  M33882 MX1 IFN induced8.48.8827.733.322CGI
  M30818 MX2 IFN induced3.
  X02874 OAS1 IFN induced5.656.112.610.614.6N
  M87434 OAS2 IFN induced4.
  U53830 IRF7 IFN regulatory factor3.
  Y00081 IL6 Interleukin21.1∼27.21529.9∼31.927.9N
  M24283 ICAM1 Membrane protein (type i)14.4∼18.010.812.4∼13.611.2CGI
  U70981 IL13RA2 Membrane protein (type i)4.8∼∼13.49.7N
  U36501 SP100 Nuclear autoantigen0.31.6−
  L10343 PI3 Protease inhibitor3.11.74.515.512.218.8N
  X04470 SLPI Proteinase inhibitor9.2∼∼18.95.5N
  X65965 SOD2 Superoxide dismutase5.
  X57579 INHBA TGF-β family3.
  M59465 TNFAIP3 TNF-α induced6.
  M97935 STAT1 Transcription factor 1.9 2 1.7 4.4 4.5 4.3 CGI
 Other genes
  U87459 CTAG1 Cancer antigen7.97.18.610.97.514.3CGI
  X54925 MMP1 Collagenase7.4∼5.4∼9.327.9∼11.7∼44.1N
  M30703 AREG Growth factor8.9∼6.9∼10.95.8∼4.86.7CGI
  U90551 H2AFL Histone 4.1 ∼3.5 ∼4.6 9.5 ∼5.5 ∼13.4 CGI
  L19779 H2AFM Histone3.
  Z80780 H2BFH Histone 2.5 ∼2.6 2.3 6.9 ∼7.0 6.8 CGI
  AB000115 GS3686 Hypothetical protein6.
  M32053 H19 Imprinted gene 10.7 10 11.4 6.6 7.1 6.1 CGI
  M80563 S100A4 Malignant suppression18.5∼15.3∼21.712.8∼13.012.5N
  X55740 NT5 Membrane protein1.
  M60278 DTR Membrane protein (type I)2.92.836.65.37.8CGI
  M29277 MCAM Membrane protein (type I)
  J02973 THBD Membrane receptor4.7∼∼5.76.2CGI
  U31875 HEP27 Metabolism0.3−
  U66726 DAZL RNA binding protein13.9∼7.1∼20.713.6∼7.1∼20.0?
  U25997 STC1 Secreted protein8.1∼6.5∼9.617.0∼11.0∼23.0N
  U32315 STX3A Syntaxin family1.9∼∼4.84.2CGI
  X04741 UCHL1 Thiol protease5.1∼2.5∼7.617.2∼14.8∼19.6CGI
  X79200 SSX2 Transcription factor4.7∼3.0∼6.311.0∼4.9∼17.0N
  S82471 SSX3 Transcription factor6.14∼∼19.2N
  X99133 LCN2 Transport4.4∼2.2∼6.55.6∼4.3∼6.9CGI
  U19147 GAGE6 Tumor-specific expression6.1∼3.1∼9.021.7∼8.4∼34.9N
  L18877 MAGEA12 Tumor transformation5.64.56.616.914.419.4N
  L18920 MAGEA2 Tumor transformation6.4∼3.2∼9.522.6∼14.9∼30.2CGI
  U03735 MAGEA3 Tumor transformation8.2∼4.31218.5∼7.129.8CGI
  U10687 MAGEA4 Tumor transformation 8.1 5.4 ∼10.8 15.5 5.9 ∼25.1 N
  M31551 PAI2 Urokinase inhibitor2.6∼1.4∼3.843.7∼20.5∼66.8N
  X99699 HSXIAPAF1 c XIAP associated factor4.9∼6.739.7∼13.75.7N
 Down-regulated genesb
  M35252_at TM4SF3 Membrane protein1.11.11−4.7−5.3−4N
  X07696_at KRT15 Cytokeratin−1.6−1.5−1.7−14.9−9.8∼−19.9N
  • a A “∼” preceding the fold change value indicates that the expression level for the untreated sample was under the calculated noise level; therefore, the fold change is an approximation.

  • b Bold represents genes induced in both LD419 and T24 cells.

  • c Based on a PubMed search; “CGI” means 5′ CpG island; “N” means no known 5′ CpG island.