Table 1

Comparison between the effects of wild-type PCPH and mt-PCPH on stress-response signaling, cellular ATP content, and cisplatin-induced apoptosis in NIH3T3 cellsa

pcDNA3 controlNormal PCPHPCPH oncoprotein
SEK1 activation1.04.1NDb1.23.2ND1.10.3ND
p54 JNK activation1.03.9ND1.44.0ND0.91.2ND
p46 JNK activation1.01.8ND1.21.9ND0.60.3ND
p38 activation1.0ND0.9ND0.8ND
ERK 1/2 activation1.04.4ND0.93.4ND1.00.3ND
AP1 transactivation1.076.411.
SRE transactivation1.024.716.50.919.313.
c-FOS activation1.
ATP content100%NDND95 ± 1.1%NDND75 ± 2.6%NDND
CP apoptosis30–46%NDND28–42%NDND14–21%NDND
  • a Data are expressed as fold increase relative to values for cells transfected with pcDNA3 vector, unless otherwise indicated. See text for further details.

  • b ND, not determined; CP, cisplatin.