Table 1

Numeric distribution of probe sets differentially expressed in pancreatic adenocarcinoma and chronic pancreatitis indicates similarities and differences compared with normal pancreasa

T versus N
Lower (743)No Change (5591)Higher (735)
(288) 182 99 7
CP versus NNo Change
T versus CP(6171)4375321413
(6518) 561 5427 530
(263) 0 65 198
  • a Data indicate numbers of probe sets that differ between tumor (T), chronic pancreatitis (CP), and normal (N) samples as indicated. “Lower” designates probe sets that were reduced, and “Higher” designates probe sets that were increased at fold-difference > 2 level and P < 0.01. “No significant change” indicates that either the differences in expression levels were >2-fold, or else the Ps were >0.01. Total numbers of probe sets for initial comparisons are given in parentheses.