Table 1

Genotype analysis of the pro/leu polymorphism at codon 198 of the human GPx-1 gene obtained from breast cancer samples and cancer-free individuals

DNAs from individuals were genotyped at codon 198 of the GPx-1 gene as described in the text from either tumor samples or lymphocytes from cancer-free individuals and are presented in the table. Statistical significance for the difference in allele distribution was P < 0.05. The OR of the Leu/Leu subgroup is 1.906 compared to the Pro/Pro subgroup (P = 0.045).

GPx-1 (codon 198)Cancer-free (n = 517)Breast cancer (n = 79)OR (95% confidence limits)
Pro/Pro 244 (47.2%)36 (45.6%)1.00
Pro/Leu 209 (40.4%)25 (31.6%)0.81 (0.471–1.395)
Leu/Leu 64 (12.4%)18 (22.7%)1.906 (1.016–3.576)