Table 1

Mutation frequencies in liver cells from gpt/Ogg1+/− and gpt/Ogg1−/− mice which had undergone partial hepatectomy after treatment with KBrO3 for 12 weeks

6-TGR and CmR stand for 6-TG and Cm resistant, respectively. Identical mutations found within one animal were considered the result of clonal expansion. Mutation frequencies were calculated from the number of colonies having independent mutations.

MouseTreatmentOgg1 genotypeLiver regenerationCmR colonies (×105)6-TGR and CmR coloniesMutation frequency (×10)
Meana5.7 ± 3.2
Mean5.8 ± 2.1
Mean8.0 ± 3.4
Mean11.9 ± 6.1
Mean4.9 ± 0.8
Mean8.5 ± 4.1
Mean10.1 ± 3.1
Mean35.4 ± 15.7
  • a Values are mean and SD.