Table 1

Cytopathic effect of dl331 and Adwt in different mutant pancreatic tumor cell lines

Cell lineK-ras statusIC50 (vp/cell)ratio dl331/Adwt
NP-9GGTa → GAT (1:0)b1652901.77
NP-31GGT → GAT (1:1)60300.5
NP-29GGT → TGT (1:1)89511401.26
Panc-1GGT → GAT (1:1)3522120.57
  • a GGT, glycine; GAT, aspartic acid; TGT, cystein.

  • b 1:0 indicates mutation in homozygosis, whereas 1:1 indicates that cells contain a wild-type allele.