Table 1

Patient characteristics

Patient no.Union International Contre Cancer stagePrior systemic treatmentDisease status at time of T-cell analysis in bone marrow
1IIIbAdjuvant IFN-α, adjuvant tyrosinase peptide vaccinationNEDa after resection of skin metastasesb
2IVMAGE-3-protein vaccination, CDDP/DTIC/IFN-αNED after resection of single site soft tissue/bone metastasis of the forefootb
3IVAdjuvant IFN-α, tyrosinase peptide vaccinationComplete remission of skin, lymph node, and lung metastases after vaccination
4IVAdjuvant interleukin-2 and IFN-α, adjuvant IFN-α, adjuvant tyrosinase peptide vaccinationNED after resection of lymph node metastases
5Ocular melanoma IVGemcitabine/treosulfan, tyrosinase peptide vaccinationStable disease of pulmonary and hepatic metastases
  • a NED, no evidence of disease.

  • b Metastases from which melanoma cell lines where established.