Table 1

Scansite results showing potential target proteins recognized by the AKT-pSub antibody

p1Molecular weightPredicted best substratesPositionSequencePercentilea
10.728.8Murine ribosomal S6236AKRRRLSSLRASTSK0.087
10.728.8Human ribosomal S6236AKRRRLSSLRASTSK0.136
9.028.5Murine cis-Golgi SNARE230NLRKRRDSLILGGVI0.059
9.228.7Human cis-Golgi SNARE230NLRKRRDSLILGGVI0.097
9.931.0Murine Kruppel-like factor 13268GGGSRTGSLSDYSRS0.048
9.531.2Human Kruppel-like factor 13268GGGSRTGSLSDYSRS0.061
  • a The percentile reflects the overall score of the predicted site relative to every other serine and threonine scored in the GenPept database.