Table 3

Correlation between NY-ESO-1 and LAGE-1 mRNA expression and clinicopathological features in EOC

Pathological and clinical featuresNY-ESO-1 positiveLAGE-1 positive
All tumorsa (n = 107)32 (30%)22 (21%)
Age [median (range)], years61.0 (22–84)63.0 (42–89)
Follow-up [median (range)], months29.2 (2.1–109)22.7 (1–83)
Tumor grade (n)
FIGO stage (n)
Histology (n)
 Papillary serous2414
 Clear cell13
Clinical response (n)
 Complete response148
 Partial response1611
Total recurrences/persistent disease (n)2416
Dead of diseaseb (n)129
Alive with disease (n)138
Alive with no evidence of disease (n)75
  • a The expression of either NY-ESO-1 or LAGE-1 mRNA was found in 42/107 (40%) of EOC specimens.

  • b Median survival for patients with NY-ESO-1 mRNA-positive and -negative tumors was 50 (CI, 19–81) and 57 (CI, 43–71) months, respectively (P = 0.72). Median survival for patients with LAGE-1 mRNA-positive and -negative tumors could not be determined (P = 0.22).