Table 1

Patient charateristics and response to treatment

Tumors were staged at presentation using the TMN (6) system by pelvic MRI and after surgery (final stage) by histopathology. Response of the tumor to the primary chemotherapy (Resp. to chemo. column), prior to chemoradiotherapy, is included for reference to the expression profiling data (CR = complete response, PR = partial response, SD = stable disease and PD = progressive disease). Resp. to chemoRT = overall response after completion of chemoradiotherapy. (* = inoperable tumor, # = no operation, R = response and NR = non-response.) LN = lymph node involvement (− = no lymph node involvement, + = lymph node involvement). p53 and Sensc. = immunohistochemical staining for p53 or senescence-associated β-galactosidase (N = negative, P = positive and nd = not done), data from immunoblotting is also included, in brackets, for p53. Ternary complex = presence of inactive ternary complex of TS:FdUMP:5-10 methylenetetrahydrofolate (− = no ternary complex detected, +/− = weak ternary complex signal, + = strong ternary complex signal and nd = not done). Ratios of during treatment expression to pre-treatment expression were calculated for each patient, the number of genes whose expression were increased or decreased >2-fold during treatment are shown for each patient (median = median change >2-fold, Max. = maximum fold change induced treatment.) @ = comparison of 2 pre-treatment biopsies from patient 17 demonstrated that 8 genes fell outside a +/− 2-fold range, median = 2.282, maximum = 5.284.

PTSexAgePresentation stageResp. to chemo.Resp. to chemoRTFinal stageLNOverall resp.P53Senesc.Ternay complexGenes decreasedGenes increased
6M60T4PRSDT4*RN (N)N6690.2980.0101362.5546.644
8M58T4PDSD#NRN (N)N+350.3860.128132.4985.045
9F69T3PRSDT1+RP (P)N+/−1640.3630.085222.83411.901
10M64T4SDSDT3+NRP (P)N+2750.3490.047162.2374.257
12M63T3SDPRT3RN (N)N+4480.3470.066612.65715.921
15M58MetastaticPRN (P)N+/−4990.3320.0661312.54826.269
16M44T4SDPR#RN (N)N+/−2740.3950.085282.7569.763
18M72T3SDSDT1NRP (P)N+4840.2710.0153592.90338.299