Table 2

Plasma half-life of PEGylated and naked rMETase with concomitant plasma methionine depletion with and without PLP

Naked or PEGylated rMETase (80 units) was injected i.v. in each mouse with or without PLP supplementation. Blood samples were collected at different time points and measured rMETase for enzyme activity and methionine concentration as described in “Materials and Methods.” Plasma half-life was calculated from the plasma enzyme concentration-time profiles (Fig. 4) <$REFLINK> . Maximum period of methionine depletion below 5 μm was calculated from the plasma methionine levels in Figs. 5 <$REFLINK> and 7 <$REFLINK> .

A. Plasma half-life of naked and PEGylated rMETase in mice
Plasma half-life in mice (h)
Naked rMETase2
PEG/rMETase 3012
PEG/rMETase 6018
PEG/rMETase 12038
B. Maximum period of plasma methionine depletion below 5 μm by naked and PEGylated rMETase with and without PLP supplementation
Maximum period of MET depletion below 5 μm (h)
Naked rMETase44
PEG/rMETase 30848
PEG/rMETase 602448
PEG/rMETase 1204872