Table 1

Identification of tumor-associated alternative splicing isoforms in various tissues

TissueNo. of ESTsNo. of significant isoformsaExamples
Liver17,67741,33654CYP2C8, KNG, AMBP, AHSG, ANG, TDO2, BHMT2, ADH4, HFL1
Brain72,91056,77829MAD2L1, RAD1, MAPK8IP1, PCMT1, MCK, POLR2I, PKIA, DLEU2
Placenta24,51572,10026LDHC, ADM, ATP6S1, ENG, IFNGR2, GPS1, DSPG3, HHLA2, UROD
Lung55,08327,9686LRP1, SFTPC, TCEB1L, SKP1A, RCL, HCG1V.9
Kidney32,02020,5035CD9, PCK2, HIBCH, TINAG, TSPAN-1
Prostate17,66717,2254TGM4, KLK2, PPP2R5A, HT012
All tissues766,090592,165845RAB1A, NME1, NEU2, TOP1, MRE11A, NCOA1, RNPEP, IRAK1
  • a This is the number of alternative splicing isoforms that are significantly associated with tumors in the given tissue; see “Materials and Methods” for details.