Table 3

RRs of cancer according to MTHFR genotype among subjects without cancer at baseline between 1985 and 1995a

End pointMTHFR genotype
All cancers
 Cases/at risk71/39959/32919/65
 RR1 (reference)0.99 (0.70–1.40)1.80 (1.09–3.00)
Lung cancer
 Cases/at risk23/39917/3294/65
 RR1 (reference)0.86 (0.46–1.61)1.15 (0.40–3.33)
Prostate cancer
 Cases/at risk8/3999/3294/65
 RR1 (reference)1.24 (0.48–3.22)3.48 (1.05–11.6)
Colorectal cancer
 Cases/at risk7/3997/3294/65
 RR1 (reference)1.16 (0.41–3.30)3.65 (1.07–12.5)
Kidney and bladder cancer
 Cases/at risk6/3995/3295/65
 RR1 (reference)0.98 (0.30–3.20)5.48 (1.67–18.0)
  • a RRs are adjusted for age. Values in parentheses are 95% CIs.