Table 4

Odds ratios for cancer depending on folate intake, alcohol intake, and age according to MTHFR genotype

SubgroupMTHFR genotype
Folate intakeb,c
 ≤169.8 μg/day
 Cases/at risk30/13130/11011/27
 RR1 (reference)1.30 (0.72–2.37)2.64 (1.08–6.41)
 >169.8 μg/day
 Cases/at risk63/26159/23613/39
 RR1 (reference)1.04 (0.69–1.57)1.60 (0.77–3.30)
Alcohol intakec,d
 ≤14 g/day
 Cases/at risk62/26755/24212/37
 RR1 (reference)0.99 (0.65–1.50)1.63 (0.77–3.43)
 >14 g/day
 Cases/at risk31/12534/10412/29
 RR1 (reference)1.35 (0.75–2.44)2.26 (0.95–5.40)
 ≤71 years
 Cases/at risk51/22840/20314/47
 RR1 (reference)0.87 (0.55–1.40)1.37 (0.68–2.97)
 >71 years
 Cases/at risk46/19752/15913/26
 RR1 (reference)1.57 (0.98–2.51)3.14 (1.35–7.28)
  • a In these analyses, prevalent and incident cases of cancer are combined (see “Materials and Methods”). Odds ratios are adjusted for age. Values in parentheses are 95% CIs.

  • b Stratified according to lowest tertile of folate intake and the two highest tertiles.

  • c For 56 subjects data on alcohol and folate intake were missing.

  • d Stratified according to two lowest tertiles of alcohol intake and highest tertile.

  • e Subjects are stratified according to median age.