Table 1

Cells of non-leukocytic/breast/melanocytic origin which have been tested for expression of p110δ

p110δ was detectable (+) or undetectable (−) by western blotting of 100 μg of total cell lysate. All cells are human unless stated otherwise.

Cell/tissue originCell linep110δ expression
aortic endothelial (pig)PAE
astrocytes (mouse)(primary)
cervical carcinomaHeLa
colon adenocarcinomaLS174T
colon adenocarcinomaCOLO 320HSR
embryonic stem cell, differentiated (mouse)(primary)
embryonic stem cell, undifferentiated (mouse)(primary)
endometrial carcinomaECC-1
fibroblast (mouse)Swiss 3T3
fibroblast (rat)Rat-1
glioma (rat)C6
kidney (canine)MDCK
kidney (monkey)Cos
larynx carcinomaHEp-2
microglia (mouse)BV2+
microglia (mouse)N11+
microglia (mouse)C8/B4+
ovarian carcinomaOVCAR3+
ovary (chinese hamster)CHO
small-cell lung cancerPOC
smooth muscle cells(primary)