Table 2

Body composition and bone characteristics of mice at necropsy

Values are mean (SD) total body weights, lean and fat mass, bone density, and bone mineral content for control and treated ApcMin mice from batch 2 of the study. Values within a column that are statistically different (P < 0.05) are indicated by different superscripts.

TreatmentnBody Weight (g)Lean mass (g)Fat mass (g)Bone Density (g/cm2)Bone Content (g)
CON1525.9a (2.7)18.2a (2.1)7.7a,b (1.0)0.0498a (0.0013)0.48a (0.033)
CR1319.4b (1.0)13.6b (0.9)5.8c (0.7)0.0486a,b (0.0010)0.46a (0.042)
OFV1521.5b (3.5)15.2b (2.4)6.3b,c (1.3)0.0471c (0.0016)0.45a (0.024)
HF1428.1a (3.0)18.7a (1.1)9.4a (2.1)0.0482b,c (0.0017)0.46a (0.039)