Table 3

Effect of diet on serum IGF-I and leptin levels and total daily urinary corticosterone output in male APCMin mice

Mean values for each treatment group that are statistically different from each other (P < 0.05) are indicated by different superscripts. The samples analyzed for leptin and corticosterone were from batch 2 of the study.

HormoneTreatment group
IGF-I (ng/ml)377a291b389a366a
 ± SD±98±67±140±48
Leptin (ng/ml)5.93a1.73b4.43a14.39c
 ± SD±5.90±0.83±2.19±9.37
Corticosterone (ng/day)29.7a108.0b108.4b24.6a
 ± SD±16.6±26.8±46.9±8.1