Table 1

Summary of xenograft studies

Tumors with an average diameter ≥5 mm were scored as positive. Tumors postcastration were scored positive if the tumors maintained size or continued to grow. Confidence intervals (95%) are provided. Tumor invasion into the abdominal cavity was determined at necropsy. Data are from two independent experiments. Western analysis was used to assess in vitro MAPK phosphorylation on cell cultures grown in serum-free medium, and in vivo MAPK phosphorylation on postcastration tumors.

Tumor take8/3222/244/4025/3216/3210/32
Average time to tumor take39 days25 days40 days21 days29 days39 days
Tumors postcastration0/411/112/28/133/64/5
Invasive tumors0/40/220/110/250/165/12
Constitutive in vitro p-MAPKNoNoNoYesYesNo
Constitutive in vivo p-MAPK postcastrationn/aa++++++++++++++++++
  • a n/a, not applicable.